Association and Recognition of Claes Nobel with Global Wellness foundation (GWF)

Claes Nobel Founder & Chairman, United Earth

Mr. Claes Nobel is Founder and Chairman of United Earth USA, and has joined hand with Global Welfare Foundation. He will carry forward GWF mission of global welfare. Mr. Alfred Nobel, uncle of Mr. Claes Nobel established the Nobel Prizes awarded every year to individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions to the global community, A world renowned champion of environmental stewardship, earth ethics, world peace and youth leadership, Mr. Claes Nobel has continued his family’s legacy of recognizing and rewarding outstanding achievements in different fields, all over the world. He is a passionate proponent of humanitarian and environmental causes. His lifelong work to the environmental issues and world peace exemplifies his mission that one should work with a global vision and strong conviction to make this world a better place to live.

Mr. Nobel’s active participation with GWF will add to the peace initiative to a new dimension and take the GWF cause to the farthest corners of the world.

Mr. Nobel is a native of Sweden and senior member of the family that established the Nobel Prizes. He has now become a United States citizen, holding dual citizenship in the US and Sweden A passionate proponent of humanitarian and environmental causes. he has worked tirelessly mission to help save the planet and its people. in 1974 he drafted “The Nobel Laureates Declaration on the survival of Mankind,” signed by 78 Nobel Laureates advocating support for environmental protection and humanitarian leadership

In 1985 Mr. Nobel wrote the Global Declaration of Earth Ethics, the basis for the NGO not-for-profit organization United Earth, which he founded in order to focus attention on environmental issues through the prestigious Earth Prize Awards. Mr. Nobel continues to advise prominent spiritual, political, and economic leaders from around the globe on preserving the earth and ensuring peace, as well as working to help inculcate these ideals in youths and example.

Mr. Nobel received an honorary doctorate in Humane Letters from Virginia State University and was selected for the 2012 Service Legacy Award from Usher’s New Look Foundation.

Founder of the National Society of High School scholars, Mr. Nobel is an advocate of humanitarian and environmental causes, and was honored at the Activist Film Festival in November 2007 for his work in these areas. He is Chief Mentor solutions, a company dedicated to research and development of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and services.

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