The GWF believes in respect for every citizen. Their fundamentaltheory is that each individual is a moral and rational being who deserves to be treatedwith self-respect. They stand with the idea that nations or specialized groups enjoy all benefits some of which apply to everyone but not implemented to everyone. Everyone is entitled with the basic needs to live healthy—no matter who they are or wherethey live—simply because they are alive. GWF is trying to raise that concern and fulfill that motto.

GWF aims at creating a worldwide atmosphere of stability, non- violence, and peace. By changing the fact that there is nothing to same; a large number of men, women and children are facingthe violation against humanity across the globe. These violations include widow’s condition in Vrindavan, child abuses, sexual harassment, denying treatment to financially challenged people, drug problems in Punjab, Dowry, Illegal residency of foreign National etc andmany more.



The Welfare Challenge is about feeling your best. It’s about getting rid of what drags you down and replacing it with what brings energy to your life: a plant-based diet, regular exercise, and mindfulness. We will help you to create a healthy body and lifestyle through different campaign, lectures, discussions, interactive exercises, and more.



  • One of the primary duties is to ensure that poverty in all its forms is alleviated and there is no misery.
  • Economic packages for the emancipation of the poor and needy will certainly help in
  • Improving the life of lot of millions across the world.
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